Save Up to 52% on Silit Cookware

Save up to 52% on Silit Cookware. For decades, the Silit brand has stood for top-quality products for cooking with excellent quality, high user benefits and superior design.

Pioneering Silit innovations, such as the Sicomatic® or the nickel-free high-tech materials Silargan® and e30 have revolutionised the world of natural cooking and enjoyment. Through modern technologies, consistent product development and the consistently high “Made in Germany” quality, Silit is today an internationally leading manufacturer of products for modern kitchen equipment. Made in Germany pots, frying pans and pressure cookers – this is what Silit offers in a unique quality made of high-quality Silargan® – also perfectly suited for cooking on induction cookers.


The Silit brand stands for natural cooking with products of the highest quality. With the invention of the Sicomatic pressure cooker, Silit took cooking to a new level. The Sicomatic makes cooking not only easier and faster, but also healthier.

We work with passion and expertise to make cooking and preparation more and more attractive, convenient and healthy. Design is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Numerous design awards confirm the exceptional design and aesthetics of the Silit products.


Cooking with Silit means more experience; better health; more enjoyment and more quality of life.

Since the market launch of the first Silit product in the year 1920, we have been committed to offering our customers high quality and innovative products that make the household more attractive, more convenient, healthier and more environmentally-friendly. We focus on durable and practical product solutions that are developed and produced with safe materials and the latest technology. For Silit, added value is the decisive guiding principle. The brand Silit transports worlds of values, which means it is authentic and gives the customer safety, orientation and appreciation. It provides for a safe, healthy, aesthetic and therefore liveable home. Within the context of this cross-generational school of thought, sustainability means putting into practice ecological, economical and social values every day.

Silit products must meet the sustainability requirements across their entire value chain. With the production in Germany, we control the entire production process. The entire process chain is consistently aligned with a functioning environmental management. In focus is the goal of reducing energy, water and raw material consumption and minimising waste.

We use natural and environmentally-friendly raw materials:-

-The end product is 100% recyclable
-Silit produces solvent-free and free of PFOA
-Silit has a closed and 100% controlled water circulation system.
-Newly developed, multi-stage combustion and drying procedures allow for the optimal use of the heat generated and ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Quality That Convinces
Silit stands for high quality “Made in Germany” products and innovations. Quality knows no compromise. Silit works on the fusion of innovations, function, exceptional design and uncompromising commitment to excellent workmanship, reliability and durability like no other manufacturer. In the Upper Swabian Riedlingen, people work with sophisticated technical expertise on the production of individual product lines. Every part, from the first to the last production step, is manufactured by highly qualified and experienced employees. They are employees who identify with their high grade work, who stand behind the brand with conviction and feel committed to the “Made in Germany” quality. In a time arbitrariness, high quality and unique products with high utility value and exceptional aesthetic are made – inspired by the spirit of the times and designed for long time use. Quality – Made in Germany.

Silit design is an expression of a value system. It is inextricably linked with our brand. Design is therefore an integral part of Silit corporate strategy – a perfect balance of excellent quality, innovative technology and exceptional aesthetics. Comprehensibility and orientation towards humans are indispensable prerequisites for Silit design. Our aim is to manufacture products that inspire, that create a close connection to our customers and that accompany them for a long time. Silit products must be appealing and accessible while generating intuitive understanding on the part of the customer. The systematic recording and analysis of current information on trends concerning values and style preferences as well as lifestyles is an essential foundation for us for the development of innovation product concepts.

The Original Greenpan Mother’s Day Promotion

Our health is the most precious thing we have. GreenPan™ is passionate about healthy cooking. We launched our ceramic coated pans in 2007, and have seen millions of consumers joining the ceramic revolution. GreenPan™ has changed the material which families across the globe cook with, and will continue to invest in healthy technologies.

Cooking and eating has become so much more than fulfilling a primal need. People have become aware of what they are eating and cooking has become more than preparing food. We make great non-stick pans that allow you to prepare great tasting dishes.

Starting in 2007, GreenPan™ was the first to introduce ceramic non-stick cookware into the market. GreenPan™ with Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick has given customers a whole new option when it comes to healthy cooking.
Today, GreenPan™ products can be found in retail, department, hardware, grocery, mass market and specialty stores in over 100 countries around the world.

Completely PTFE-free.
– Manufactured without PFOA. Heat resistant up to high temperatures. If you accidentally overheat your pan, even up to 450°C/850°F, no toxic fumes will be released and the coating will not blister or peel.
– Use of up-cycled aluminum for the pan and up-cycled stainless steel for the handles.
– Easy, convenient and great performance:
– Thermolon™ interior provides perfect heat distribution, allowing even cooking and excellent browning, without the risk of any hot spots.
– See-through glass lid for extra convenience.
– Ergonomic stay-cool handles.

Product Description
(1) Thermelon Ceramic Coating
Thermolon™ is the patented non-stick coating that GreenPan™ uses on its non-stick products. It is based on sol-gel technology, this is a technology in which materials are formed from small particles suspended in Solution that Gel together to form a matrix. Thermolon™ non-stick ceramic coating is completely PTFE-free.

(2) Thermelon Healthy Non Stick Technology
Thermolon™ non-stick technology; A ceramic coating. Manufactured without PFOA, contains no lead or cadmium. The Thermolon™ coating is healthy, safe and does not contain any toxic chemicals or persistent pollutants

(3) Pan Handles
Pot and fry pan handles come in stay-cool bakelite or oven safe stainless steel varieties. By using the latest welding and polishing techniques we bring ergonomically designed handles that are strongly fitted to the pan. High quality rivets, screws and bonding techniques assure a safe and comfortable grip.

(4) Pan Body
GreenPan™ products come in different high-end materials and shapes. The design and construction provide stability and perfect heat transfer to your cooking utensil. For aluminum bodies we use quality recycled material. The raw material is cleaned, melted and re-used.

(5) Pan Base
At GreenPan™ we use the latest techniques to construct the pan base, because we know this is the secret to excellent cookware. Special forging techniques give extra strength to the cooking vessel providing perfect heat conduction. We also ensure to create an extra thick base which is beneficial for the heat distribution.

To make our aluminium cookware induction compatible, we forge the induction plates on the cooking base instead of pressing them, which results in a much stronger technique.

On certain ranges we introduced the Magneto™ base, which give induction suitable fry pan bases a clean look. This induction technology provides excellent heat distribution and base stability for all stove tops.

Happy Mother’s Day Special Cooking Demo by Chef Debbie

Kitchen Shop Happy Mother’s Day Special Cooking Demo Invitation by Chef Debbie for Authentic Nyonya Dishes

Join us on 25th April 2015 (Saturday) at Kitchen Shop, Great Eastern Mall

Wish to learn authentic Nyonya cuisine and how to use herbs and spices to enhance your food flavors? Enjoy our crazy, sophisticated cooking studio at our Kitchen Shop, Great Eastern Mall. Led by a renowned chef who you’ll gain invaluable insight, knowledge, tips and the skills to cook healthy and happy meals for your family for this coming Mother’s Day.

Seats are limited. Sign up now at Kitchen Shop or call 03-42661338.

We would like to invite you to join us:
Authentic Nyonya Dishes

Date and Time:
25 April 2015 ( Saturday), 2.00pm – 4.30pm

Kitchen Shop, Great Eastern Mall

About Chef Debbie
With more than 10 years experience in the food industry, Debbie Is a true bred Nyonya who hails from Malacca, whose father is a BABA from Malacca & mother a Nyonya from Penang. Author of numerous cookbooks, “UNDERWRAPS” by Marshall Cavendish Cuisine, Penang Food guide & cookbook by Star Publications & “Nyonya Flavors” by Star Publications.

Debbie also develops & tests recipes for companies, is a contributor for magazines such as Feminine by Oriental Cuisine & Flavors by Star Publications. She is also a Nyonya Food Consultant for Tourism Malaysia.

Her forte is Nyonya Cuisine for both northern and southern Nyonya. Has vast experience in Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian & western cuisine for both cooking & baking.

In between writing, Debbie caters for private functions, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Do 3D (dimensional) cakes, has a variety of about 20 Nyonya kuehs, bakes biscuits for sale during festivities like Chinese New year, Hari Raya, Christmas & Deepavali.


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